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This is what the noise is all about on the pro circuit in North America

Friday, May 12, 2017

 Artist and CEO of Koyote Ugly Spoons Wolf Amuso designed "Diabolical Thunder" for Team Diabolical. On the water for the first time at the Wilson pre-fish Wolf is personally doing research and development; looks like a winner.

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Sharks coming home to Denmark

Sharks coming home to Bornholm. Carl's grandfather was born in Denmark, he would have been proud to see his grand children bring their Sharks to Denmark.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wolf Amuso Koyote Ugly Spoons: A Fishing Story

A Fishing Story
Shark Trolling Products is supporting Wolf Amuso and his company Koyote Ugly Spoons in his efforts to be treated fairly by certain members of the fishing industry in New York State. We ask all our customers, friends and pro staff to show support for Wolf in this regard and “Like” this story.
Frustrated after years of outright interference in the marketing of his popular products in tackle shops in New York State, Koyote Ugly Spoons will not be available for sale to anglers in the State for the foreseeable future. Wolf is doing this as a formal protest to draw attention to his cause. This situation has come to a head after incidents at the Niagara Fishing Expo, despite having one of the most popular products at the show, the announcer managed to slurr the Koyote Ugly Spoons name on the PA, as he does every year. Koyote got about 1 sec on the Buffalo evening news, while other exhibitors were promoted.
Canadian fishing personality Lisa “The Legend” Tadgell was when she was snubbed at the show when she asked the reporter why he interview all the other exhibitors but would not come over to the Koyote Ugly booth? Lisa Tadgell was on the Shark Pro Staff as well as the Koyote Pro Staff; we did get a half a million views on Facebook this summer when we launched our flashers last summer, with Lisa leading the charge. Lisa put 2 and 2 together and came up with 10 when she introduced Shark to the Wolf last fall. Two small players on the world stage struggling to play the game, we put our heads together and put the byte on the industry, the Shark/Koyote alliance was born. The Rebel Alliance is here to play, and we don't need an invitation from anybody. We will leave it up the anglers of the world to write the ending to this story. This story is playing out right now in tackle shops around the world as they decide on the stock for the coming season. Lots of attention at shows across the world, the fancy new style flasher, with the matching spoon combinations and of course that fancy Koyote Ugly paint job everybody is talking about.
Then came the remarks by BILL HILTZ JR. writer and member of the New York Sports Writers Association on the Shark Cannonballs Facebook page, something to the effect company's must pay a fee to join the organization before they can get reviewed. Therefore before they can get taken seriously by the New York market. I guess Bill must have forgotten about social media. Tweet to BILL: New York Boycott, Wolf Amuso, Koyote Ugly Spoons has served notice to the New York Sports Writers Association, he does not need or want their endorsement to sell his products in his home state.
At a time when the President is working hard to make America Great Again, this goes against the spirit of the American Dream. Success based on hard honest work, not having to buy a membership. Time to drain the swamp. I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times; New York angler's are getting short changed by the so called media. How is it you can buy 200 different kind of breakfast cereals in a store in New York, but you can't buy the most popular fishing products on the market. It's rigged folks, its entirely rigged.
We ask you contact your local writer and ask him if this is right.
Like the president, Wolf is using the power of social media to make the fishing industry Great Again, to level the playing field. To beat the big boys at their own game. Wolf has orders pouring in from all over the world, he has enough orders just from a small town in Denmark to keep him busy for the next six months. Wolf is not a production line artist, some people forget that. He does exquisite work at the speed of thought, and everybody will just have to get in line if they want a piece of the Wolf.
Shark Trolling Products and all his friends all over the world support Wolf 100%. Despite the fact Wolf is internationally recognized as one of the top artists in the industry and his products are currently in demand all over the world by the top competition anglers, he is blocked by the powers that be in his home state of New York.
A very sad situation, Wolf is after all one of New York's native sons, born and raised in Niagara Falls, a hometown boy done good. A retired vet who against all odds has single highhandedly beat multi million dollar fishing corporations at their own game. He did this by consistently producing a never ending line of the the hottest designs and wildest colors the market has ever seen. The Wolf is on fire, “you ain't seen nothing yet”.
We know the feeling Wolf, been there, done that. We have paid UPS tens of thousands of dollars for exactly the same reason, we have been boycotted in New York as well. We are Canadians, we are outsiders, but we have supported the fishing industry in New York State for 16 years.
This is one of the biggest fishing stories in the industry right now for a lot of reasons, and this is the way fishing stories used to be written in the old days, a good read.
First Koyote Ugly has the most sought after and beautiful hand painted spoons and flashers in the business. Who else can give a lifetime warranty against scratches on his spoons? Koyote Ugly can and does. A hand painted Shark Flasher is fetching $26 in USA markets; that's $33 Canadian, the most beautiful and most expensive flasher in the history of the sport. Most of the other products on the market all look like they were painted on the same production line in the same factory; that's because they were.
The reason we don't do custom painting is because we realized it would take a lifetime to get as good as Wolf but only if we had the talent to begin with.
Here's another thing the writer's association doesn't know about Wolf, he is an expert on fish behavior. When he retired from the service he resumed his childhood passion the world of fields and streams. By the time the young Wold from Niagara Fall NY was 7 he was fully immersed in the sport and art of fly fishing. Wolfs dad nurtured this passion taking his son on years of magical fishing trips in New York State, along the way they met a fellow, Lee Wolff. Lee took the young wolf cub under his wing and “tweaked” the natural talent his new protege. Wolf learned quickly how to tie flies, all kinds of flies, and he got to test them out in the streams and rivers in New York State. The three avid anglers hooked up in Niagara Falls and drove off fishing every Saturday morning. Once at the river, they entered their magic world of dancing flies and jumping fish and would bump into each other over the course of the day along the shore in pursuit of the majestic rainbow trout. Laying the fly down at the perfect time of day on the edge of the swirling eddy was the first step. His patience was rewarded with that iconic explosion on the surface of the water. At the end of the day, it was about the hunt; it was always about the hunt. Observation, execution.
Wolf quickly learned the secrets of the river, opening up a fish, examining the contents, and quickly tying an offering on the spot. If he got it right, if it was good enough to fool the fish, he caught his dinner and added to his growing volume of knowledge of fish behaviour that would serve him well in years to come.
He was noticed by a TV producer from Thunder Bay Ontario. On a trip up to the sub arctic Wolf put his theories to work and challenged the status quo; while everyone at the camp was using spoons to slay giant lake trout, Wolf tied some matching nymphs and amazed everyone as he slayed monsters all day with this new way of fishing. It worked because Wolf spent years standing in a stream observing how fish behave; predator and prey, natures dance.
Five years ago Wolf put everything he knew about fishing into play and started Koyote Ugly Spoons, something to do with a movie title; but there is noting ugly about his work, and his work ethic. Wolf is the only spoon manufacturer in the world who will offer a lifetime guarantee on his hand painted spoons. He is the only manufacturer who is able to do it. Wolf also learned from his dad how to paint hot rods and bikes back in the sixties. He learned about the chemistry of paint while he was developing his art skill. This remains a closely guarded secret, Wolf has turned down sizable offers to disclose his secret formula; no chance. At the end of the day we have a man driven by his passion for fishing, and his passion to live the American Dream, Wolf Amuso has come home. Like those before him, the competition was fierce with no place at the table just because you are good. He would have to prove his worth on the world stage before he was accepted on his home turf; game on. Dog eat dog. Koyote Ugly Spoons wins hands down, his original creations are sought after by seasoned anglers all over the world, from Canada, to Scandinavia and the west coast of USA the Wolf has staked out his territory
He has a box of plaques and awards from derbies and fly tying contests, only one tape of the 25 shows is hidden away somewhere, it's my mission to find them and share with the world the knowledge and experience that came from a lifetime of passion for fly fishing. This same emotional connection to fishing and competition was the impetus to start Koyote Ugly Spoons. The first time he hooked into a king salmon while down rigging triggered the same thrill he got from river fishing. Like many of us he made the transition to the big water; must have been the navy in him.
The prospect of catching a fish in a huge lake posed different challenges, but the underlying philosophy of predator and prey applied. With his background as an engineer, Wolf quickly adapted a strategy of trial and error for the size shape weight color trolling speed and articulation of his custom spoons. When he perfected everything, one challenge remained; to produce them commercially. There he learned some hard lessons, hard as in the paint on the spoons; scratching and flaking. After working all day painting some exquisite creations he was horrified to find the paint had cracked on the entire lot; they all had to be scrapped. Wolf became obsessed with overcoming this problem, to his credit he is the only manufacturer who will offer a lifetime guarantee.
When he reeled in his first deep water salmonid, he realized it was the same fish he had been stalking in the river all his life, but only in a different environment; game on. Come up with a better mouse trap, he kept tweaking and tweaking until he blew the house down with the perfect spoon; the Koyote Ugly Perfect Spoon.
Over the years, many people stepped up right out of the blue and helped us overcome insurmountable obstacles. Canadian TV fishing personality Darryl Choronzey was our guardian angel, he adopted us early on and put our product the Shark Cannonballs on his TV show so many times we couldn't count. Darryl did this for his love of fishing, pure and simple and to lend a helping hand; we never forgot that. When it came our time to return the favor, it was just something that needed to be done. Let's be clear Shark Trolling Products played no role in the popularity of this worldwide tsunami phenom known as Koyote Ugly Spoons. We posted a few pictures and the rest was downrigger sports fishing history, the world finally got to see the artistry and fishing knowledge of artist/angler Wolf Amuso.
The New York Show was a home coming to behold, the New York audience held its breath as they saw first hand the much talked about “Shark Widow” under the blue UV light at the Greater Niagara Fishing and Hunting Expo last month. The Widow and the Wolf flashed around the world on channel 4 that night, and in that very brief moment the world was instantly captivated by the new dog on the block; a hybrid angler/artist Wolf Amuso. Thank you BILL HILTZ JR for conveying that image to the world. It created a tsunami shock wave that resonated around the world; a pretty big wave. $26 dollars tall, making it the most expensive flashers on the market.
So, who is Wolf Amuso? He makes fishing lures that catch fish. Now you know.